Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stool Sample

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, a title like stool sample is well, gross, and I apologize for what ever images that may be conjured up when you read those two words. However, as the picture below details, its appropriate.


We picked up these four bar stools at an Estate sale for 16 dollars, (this was our first Estate Sale experience, and frankly the deals were really good, the thrifty part of these really out weighs the fact that you're more than likely rifling through a dead persons stuff. Lets not dwell on that. Ok? Great.) I've been looking for some unique bar stools for a while, two years in fact. I've found that A) there are not that many "unique" bar stools out there and B) Unique or not finding four decent ones is never even a little cheap. We settled on these due to the price and with a little luck, and a little paint, they could turn out to be decent clean looking simple bar stools. I try to be a big supporter of local items the local beer in Minnesota is really good it has a lot of historical significance for the area, and some neat logos. I would like to do a leather upholstery on the top of the stools, with either an embossed or branded local beer logo. I will keep you updated and lets face it, there is no possible way these could get worse looking.


Now a good looking dog, to offset the terrible stools. DSC_0655

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