Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Coping With It

(Yeah, that's right, another really bad pun title. I'll work on improving that - promise.) So why am I coping you may ask ... well I'm not "managing a taxing circumstance", rather I'm "shaping the end of a moulding component to fit the contours of an abutting member". (Ahhh-ha now it makes more sense doesn't it.)

Last night my handy hubby helped me rip a piece of baseboard moulding down to the desired height so I could begin another little project in the main bathroom - our vanity update. Here's a picture of the ugly beast in it's current state.

I'd love to replace this with something that had more of a 'furniture' look and feel to it but unfortunately this suckers not moving. Ya see, it's original to the house and when the tile and mortar bed where installed in the bathroom, it was all done after the vanity was installed so there's no mortar or tile below it. That basically means that replacing this could require more tile work than I want to do in this bathroom currently (especially since I just re-did the floor tile grout as shown here). So that leaves me with the option to make do with what I've got and give it a little makeover and it's nicer to the ol' pocket book.

The plan is to give this a new marble top and sink, replace the doors and hardware, paint it a nice glossy black, and add some moulding around side and toe kick to give it more architectural interest for that 'furniture' feel. So I've started with the moulding which took a little more thought than I originally imagined since the ends of the moulding will be abut against the tile wall trim which isn't exactly flat. The solution to this was a coping saw and an empty box of Mini-Wheats cereal - the cardboard served as a nice template to match the curve of the tile which was transferred onto the moulding and cut out with the coping saw.

The little cardboard template trick was also used to trace a radius onto the front moulding piece on each end so each side will have a symmetrical cut out. So far I've got one side cut (again using the coping saw) and will cut the remaining side some evening between Ivan's bed time and my bed time (a.k.a. mommy's project time). Here's the look I'm trying to achieve with the moulding. Wish me luck!

Image source: unknown

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