Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So Close, Oh So Close

Im currently sitting in my living room wrting by the light of a recently installed light fixture, being warmed by a fire place that wasn’t here when we moved in, and drinking beer from a fridge that was not here when we bought the place.  It always astounds me how fast time can pass when your not paying attention, beating your head bloody on home improvement projects really seems to accelerate the time line. 

The pic below is the pretty close to (99.85% complete) finished built in custom cabinetry we started almost exactly two years ago. 

Right Side:

Left Side:DSC_0389

Front: (Its hard to get far enough back to get the whole project in the frame)DSC_0397

There are some little things we have left, I need to face some of the shelves, and build two more shelves for the bigger open cabinets, for all intents and purposes though its done.   I am pretty happy with the end result.  It has not always been fun, It hasn’t in any way been easy, cheap or quick.  There is a significant sense of relief and a smidge of purposefulll pride here though. Its not perfect, and any one that’s passed a basic shop course could do this.  However we did and its in our house, and it looks good.  I wont have any problem looking at this while drinking coffee in the morning.

To provide a frame of reference you can check out the the project that never ends.  Or you can check out the pic below.

Where we started:


Where we are:DSC_0397

We have come a LONG WAY.  If you ever attempt a project like this, understand the beginning is fun the middle is a ton of work, the end never seems to come, but completion is pretty damn rewarding. 

Ill write more on this a little later, in closing though, please check out what made this some what more rewarding than just a DIY project.


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